fredag 5. mars 2010

Harvard Business School går inn for OA

Nicole C. Engard meldte i sin blogg, "What I learned today", det følgende:

"After coming from a conference where all of the publishers want to know how to make money if they give things away for free, it was nice to find this news item:

Two years to the day after the Faculty of Arts and Sciences became the first school at Harvard to vote an open-access policy, the Harvard Business School enacted their own policy on February 12, 2010, becoming the fifth Harvard school with a similar policy. Under the HBS policy, Like the previous policies, faculty agree to provide copies of their scholarly articles for distribution from the university’s DASH repository and grant the university a waivable license to distribute the articles.

The more colleges that enact open access policies the more accessible reliable research papers will become to those who can’t afford to pay for professional journals and/or databases."


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